This Start-up Entrepreneur Spent the Pandemic Downtime Developing a new (Cycling) Passion


As part of our "Meet the TamBikers" series we chat up briefly with an entrepreneurial woman who aside from managing a health clinic and a tech gadget store, still found time to pick up a new passion during the pandemic.

Faith was a college schoolmate of this writer and an outdoor junkie as well. We once jet-skied in Lake Caliraya and got all muddied up from a dirt track ATV ride. Since then I've been seeing her post mostly tech items on her social media — that is until she started uploading photographs of her bike rides.

Here's our short interview with her.

What’s the hardest route you’ve taken and why?

It was our ride from Village East Executive Homes in Cainta to Mahabang Parang in Angono, Rizal. I consider it the hardest because most of the motorists did not respect the bike lane. I almost got hit by motorcycles several times. We reached Mahabang Parang after sunset. The road was very steep. Because it was dark already, riding downhill was just as challenging. But it was definitely a great experience!

If you could cycle any route in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Amsterdam. From the pictures I see online, I can imagine enjoying all the biking routes they have there.

How long you been cycling?

I started when the pandemic restrictions first started easing up in December 2020.

What's the most and least thing you enjoy about cycling?

What I love the most about cycling is being able to go to different places with breath-taking views that you can only visit by riding a bike. Also, cycling with friends and experiencing new adventures with them. Just being able to unlock new challenges that I never imagined I could.

The least I enjoy is having to share the road with disrespectful motorists.

Solo ride or ride with other Tambikers?

I prefer cycling with other Tambikers! I get lazy and bored when I do a solo ride.

What’s your favorite cycling route?

Clark. I always feel safe there. (We agree, It’s a bike-friendly economic zone)

What’s your longest ride so far?

I think that’s when we did the Clark loop.

Where do you usually cycle?

For ordinary day rides, I usually cycle just near my house. Usually, I do Visayas Ave-Mindanao Ave-Congressional Ave loop or North Edsa to BGC.

How often do you get out on your bike?

Despite my busy work schedule, I try to bike at least 2-3 times a week. But since the new wave caused by the Omicron variant, I haven’t gone out for a ride recently because I heard it’s very contagious.

Can you show us your bike(s) of choice?

I currently use three different bicycles.

The first is a Liv Temp 3 2018. This is my first bike. After I got it, I upgraded the fork, crank, arm, pedals and hubs. I mainly use it for trails and roads with potholes.

I also have a Liv Avail Advanced 2 2020, Plum. This is my favorite. It’s good for endurance riding because it is very comfortable. This is the bike I use the most.

My third one is a Liv Langma Advanced 2 (PC) 2021 in Chameleon Galaxy color. This one is perfect for light racing and best for climbing. I use this the least because I don’t normally race and I’m not fond of climbing but I really love the color!



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