DOTr bucket lists bike-share system and end-of-trip bicycle facilities


During the Biking Out of the Pandemic forum organized by the transport coalition Move as One, DOTr revealed plans for a bike-share system and end-of-trip bicycle facilities to be laid out in strategic Metropolitan areas later this year.

Among the places being looked upon to set-up bike-sharing stations are public transport terminals, national and local government offices as well as medical and commercial establishments.

An EOT bike parking installed by Cora Bike Rack in Australia. Photo credit: Cora

"The bikes are initially station-based and route-limited. A user is required to park the bike to another station and is required to traverse using only the designated Bike Share Route," said DOTr Senior Transportation Development Officer Eldon Dionisio.

Faith Calimlim borrows a bicycle at UP bike share
A bike-share inside University of the Philippines. 

End-of-trip biking facilities will also include bike repair servicing, racks and sheds in key areas with heavy concentration of commuters. According to Cora Bike Rack blog, an EOT must include "showers, changing amenities and clothing lockers", aside from a secured bicycle parking. 

Clamor to build more cyclist-friendly cities gains momentum

During the pandemic when transportation came to a halt and the importance of maintaining social distance in fighting Covid-19 became part of everybody's daily lives, many people resorted to riding a bicycle going to and from work. Scores of others meanwhile, either took up or rekindled a cycling hobby for health reasons.

The result is a ramped-up number of households owning a bicycle and the dire need for a safe cycling lane. A recent SWS survey showed that at least 2.6 million families from those polled, now have a family member who frequently rides a bike either for leisure or for essential trips like going to work.

"It is noteworthy that two-fifths of households with members who currently use bicycles have been doing it more frequent during the COVID-19 pandemic, with about another two-fifths who have been using bicycles as frequently as before the pandemic hit the country," the SWS' report reads.

Because of these, LGU officials are now including laying out of a bicycle lane in their respective municipalities.

While this initiative could have come sooner — just like in our Southeast Asian neighbors now embracing — it is something for many TamBikers to look forward to and be excited about.


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