As part of our "Meet the TamBikers" series we chat up briefly with an entrepreneurial woman who aside from managing a health clinic and a tech gadget store, still found time to pick up a new passion during the pandemic.


Being in the country with one of the strictest lockdown rules in the world during the pandemic requires making adjustment to one’s freedom of movement. Even though blessed with a large geography and a small population, Australia left nothing to chance as they dealt with the first, second and third wave of the Covid-19 outbreak.


During the Biking Out of the Pandemic forum organized by the transport coalition Move as One, DOTr revealed plans for a bike-share system and end-of-trip bicycle facilities to be laid out in strategic Metropolitan areas later this year.

Among the places being looked upon to set-up bike-sharing stations are public transport terminals, national and local government offices as well as medical and commercial establishments.

An EOT bike parking installed by Cora Bike Rack in Australia. Photo credit: Cora