Tambike Stop | Colosboa Hills in Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija

Situated on the rolling slopes of Cuyapo, Colosboa Hills is every bit of a gift to every outdoor enthusiast. In addition to camping grounds spread over a 10-hectar nature park, there is a three-kilometer bike trail that includes downhill and uphill trails for both beginner and intermediate mountain bikers. 

Kara Santos

Seasoned biker Edrie Ocampo, who was hired by the tourism office as a consutant to design the biking track, said "We designed a trail that will not only test the skills, endurance and stamina of bikers but also give them the opportunity to enjoy the majestic view." He also shared to us the plan of the local government to stage off-road biking competition in Colosboa once the trails are finalized. 

Milet Miranda and Anne Gumiran

The picturesque scenery of Colosboa shall provide every "Tambiker", a reason to sharpen their uphill and downward biking skills while surrounded by the beautiful sight of Mt. Bangkay and Mt. Bulaylay. 

Moha Borakat

A variety of non-intrusive trees are also being planted in the park. Cuyapo Tourism Officer Joan Mendoza said the LGU planted trees like the Palawan Cherry, Bambanaba, Fire Tree and Yellow Tree. 

Abby Aliwalas

After several rounds of negotiating the steep biking trails, you may be hungry. Fortunately, Tambayan ni Berto, a nipa-hut restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Boodle dishes perfect for a group of bikers and friends, is also located near the bike park.

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