Morning Chill Ride in Nakhon Phanom | Thailand

High on my list of what makes a city more livable, is the presence of bike lanes. More importantly, one which isn't penciled (for show) at the side of a busy highway — but something wide enough for cyclists to enjoy freedom of movement without worrying about hitting pedestrians and other barriers, or worse, getting hit by automobiles. 

Cutting along the scenic Mekong River, the bike lanes in Nakhon Phanom are constructed away from the main road therefore granting bikers a safe ride. 

Doubling also as a jogging path, it snakes through small communities and into the third Thai-Lao friendship bridge that crosses to the country of Laos. 

Yesterday, we cycled the approximately 18 kilometer section from the Naga landmark up to the bridge. The bike lane expands far longer into the outer city and is a part of an ongoing project to pave a total distance of 60 kilometer cycling route, starting at the third Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge until to Wat Phra That Phanom.


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