Bikini Beach | Panglao, Island | Bohol

I rented a bike near the place where I'm staying to explore Panglao Island. After making a loop when I just passed by Baclayon Church, I saw a sign that says "Bikini Beach This Way". Not one to let pass a place with the word "bikini", I followed the trail leading to an isolated stretch of white sandy beach. 

I returned to my hotel after totaling 38 kilometers. A short but definitely a fun one. Without much cycling time in the city, I felt my legs tightening a bit. It didn't matter though because pedaling under the azure-colored blistering sky and on the paved roads of the green Bohol countryside is 💙

Cue: Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" because 'Happiness Loves Company'. 😁😎🙌


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